Second life phones. First class features.

  • Great phones, better value

    Classic phones from Apple and Samsung, lovingly refurbished and brought to you at a great price.

  • Easy on the Earth

    The best phone for the planet is one that already exists. With amazing preowned devices, there’s no need for new.

  • Tested, tested and tested again

    Kingfisher source phones from around Australia and put them through a 30+ point testing process in Sydney, NSW.

Save money without skimping on quality

First, all the phones are relentlessly tested. Battery health. Screens. The works. The ones that make the cut are restored and cleaned until they shine.

You get all that for a price a whole lot cheaper than buying new.

And Kingfisher has your back with a 12 month warranty if something major goes wrong (check out the warranty policy, if you’re curious). Swipe, scroll and sleep easy knowing you’re covered.

The planet’s favourite phone

Every year, the world throws away about 44.7 million tonnes of electronic trash. That includes a whole lot of perfectly good phones. They’ll do a lot more good in your hands than landfill or someone’s dusty cupboard. Garbage piles can’t use group chats, after all.

Why Second Life?

What good’s a phone without data?

Every phone from the Second Life store comes with a free Belong SIM card with $80 credit. You don’t need to be with Belong to buy a phone or anything: it’s just a cheeky little ‘thanks’ from us to you.

We’re powered by Kingfisher

The Second Life Shop is powered by Kingfisher. We’ve teamed up with them to get great refurbished phones into the hands of people who want them.

Head over to the Kingfisher terms and conditions page if you want to know more.