From trash to treasure

People give up incredible phones just to get something a scootch more incredible all the time. That’s a real waste – they’re great phones. Why not use them?

Waste not, want not

Here’s a big, surprising number for you: people throw away 44.7 million tonnes of tech each year. And it’s not like it’s just going to decompose any time soon.

One more big number: Aussies have 4.2 million broken phones, just floating around their homes. Wild, right? Some of those phones just need some love to work again.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Kingfisher Mobile Australia. They source preowned phones, refurbish them and sell them to people who need one (and want a bargain).

It feels good to do good

We get it: you want to do right by the planet but it’s tricky. We want to make it easy when it comes to your phone and internet.

When you buy a refurbished phone from the Second Life Shop, Kingfisher will send it to you in 100% recyclable packaging (for free). If you go with Belong for your mobile plan, you’ll get carbon neutral data and mobile service. Put it all together and you’ve got a phone worth bragging about: it’s helping the ✨ environment ✨.

Bonus: we can help you recycle any old phones and tech you don’t need anymore with some help with our friends at Mobile Muster.

The most sustainable phone is one that already exists

Look, people need phones. They’re part of life. But the planet also needs us all to cut back on waste and limit our emissions. Climate change is a big deal, after all.

Fun fact: about 80% of a phone’s carbon emissions happen when it’s being made. Buying a refurbished phone avoids all of that because the phone already exists.

That means you get a great phone that does everything you need it to while minimising your impact on the planet. Win-win.

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