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The basics

What does ‘refurbished’ mean?

A refurbished phone is a phone that’s preowned and has been repaired and/or restored to be as like-new as possible.

All the refurbished phones on the Second Life Shop have been sourced and refurbished by Kingfisher.

Kingfisher tests all the devices to make sure they’re 100% functional. They test the battery to make sure it’s operating at a minimum of 80% capacity.

Then they’re buffed and cleaned to a professional quality. The phone may have a nick, dent or ding but, beyond that, everything is in working order.

Where do refurbished phones come from?

All the phones on the Second Life Shop were sourced in Australia. All the testing and refurbishing happens in Australia as well. And, of course, they’re shipped from Australia too – they’re not coming from halfway across the world (limiting their carbon footprint).

I’m a Belong customer – do I need to buy a phone from the Second Life Shop?

Nope, you don’t have to buy a phone from the Second Life Shop to use one of our mobile plans.

Do I have to be a Belong customer to buy a phone from Second Life Shop?

Nope, you don’t have to be a Belong customer to buy a phone from the Second Life Shop.

Who is Kingfisher?

Kingfisher are experts in sourcing and refurbishing phones.

They also manage the Second Life Shop, any orders made through the store and any warranty claims people make for their phones.

Belong makes a commission from any sale through the Second Life Shop.

How can I pay for my phone?

You can use credit cards or PayPal. You can only buy your phone outright – there are no contracts or payment plans.

Do I have to use the free Belong SIM sent with each phone?

Nope, you don’t have to activate or use the SIM card you get with your phone. It’s just a gift, from us to you.

What does my 12 month warranty cover?

Your phone comes with a 12 month warranty, provided by Kingfisher. Check out their warranty policy for all the info on what it covers and what it doesn’t.

If you have any problems with the device during the first 12-months, please contact us via the warranty form.

Are phones on the Second Life Shop locked to Belong?

No, the phones sold on the Second Life Shop are not locked to Belong. They’re unlocked and ready to go on any network in Australia.

Where can I read your terms and conditions?

Head on over to our terms and conditions page and to Kingfisher’s.

What’s your privacy policy? How will you manage my customer and order data?

Head over to our privacy policy and to Kingfisher’s privacy policy.

What’s the basis for your claims about tech waste, unused phones and phone carbon emissions?

According to the Global E-waste Monitor 2020 report, the world generated 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste in 2019 (and that’s predicted to rise to 74.7 million tonnes by 2030).

The phones

What accessories come with the phone?

You’ll get a charging cable, Belong SIM card and a SIM card ejector alongside your phone.

Is the latest operating software (OS) installed on the Second Life Shop’s refurbished phones?

Yes. All of the phones on the Second Life Shop come with the latest operating software.

Do I get earphones and an Australian charger with my refurbished phone?

You’ll get a charging cable with your phone. It doesn’t come with earphones.

Will my refurbished phone be securely wiped clean before I receive it?

Of course. All the refurbished phones on the Second Life Shop are professionally wiped, cleaned and refurbished so you can be confident you are receiving a high-quality product. You won’t be getting some random person’s photos (or fingerprints) on your new phone.

Where can I find my phone’s specifications?

All the specifications for the phones are listed on their store page. You’ll find it under ‘Details’.

Are the refurbished phones on the Second Life Shop real?

The phones on the Second Life Shop are real. They’re sourced from around Australia and then tested and refurbished in Sydney.

Does the Second Life Shop sell phone accessories?

Alas, the Second Life Shop doesn’t sell phone accessories.

I need help picking the right device.

Send us a support request and we’ll see what we can do..

I can’t find the refurbished phone I want – what should I do?

Check back in a few weeks. The range is regularly updated.

How do I activate my free Belong SIM card?

Head on over to the Belong support page about activating your SIM card.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my refurbished phone?

Send us a message and we’ll see if we can answer them for you.

I’ve lost my phone, can you block it for me?

You can block your SIM card through your telco (we’ll help you out if you’re with Belong). Your phone manufacturer might be able to block the device for you.

Buying a phone

How do I buy a refurbished phone?

Have a look at the phones available. From there, you can add your choice to your shopping cart and send us your order.

What can I expect during the purchase process?

Clear and helpful communication, of course.

Kingfisher will email you your order details once we’ve got it. They’ll also let you know your order is in the mail (so you can track it) and once it’s been delivered.

Does the Second Life Shop price match?

Price Match doesn’t apply to the Second Life Shop.

Do I have to give my phone back if I end my Belong mobile service?

Nope: it’s 100% your phone for you to use as you please.

What kind of wear and tear should I expect on my phone?

Some of the refurbished phones might have some minor cosmetic damage – small scratches and ding, that kind of thing.

They’re all 100% functional, though. That includes the screen.

Why am I getting emails from Kingfisher?

We’ve partnered with Kingfisher to source and sell refurbished phones. They run the program and process your order. They manage the Second Life Shop and send customers email notifications about their orders.

The checkout won’t accept my payment.

The Second Life Shop can only accept credit card and PayPal payments. If your payment is not being accepted, please contact your bank or card provider.