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Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G Refurbished - Excellent Grade

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  • 12 month warranty

    Kingfisher source, refurbish and sell your phone to you. And they look after it with a 12 month warranty

  • Works on any network in Aus

    Sure, we're a telco, but you can use this phone on any network in Australia.

  • SIM card icon

    Free $80 SIM

    Every phone comes with a free $80 Belong SIM. You don't have to use it: it's just a cheeky little gift.

Breaking the rules of video with the Galaxy S22+.   Designed to revolutionise video and photography, it is time to express, create and connect the way you want to.   This powerful device has 6.6" Vision Booster display with adaptive 120Hz refresh rate  50MP camera.  New Adaptive Pixel Technology, three lenses and advanced Nightography.  Equipped with Gorilla Glass Victus+ and Armor Aluminium  Get up close with 30x Space Zoom including 3x Optical zoom.

Phone details

What's in the box?

Each device comes with a charging cable, a free Belong mobile SIM with $80 credit and a handy SIM ejector tool. The SIM has no value until service is set up. Credit for use on a new mobile plan.

How our devices are tested

Every device on the Second Life Shop has been relentlessly tested to make sure it's ready for you to use. Kingfisher put devices through a 30+ point check, covering off everything from screen quality to button clickiness.

Here's an overview of the detailed functional assessment:

What can I expect to see on an "Excellent" grade refurbished phone?

Refurbished phones with an excellent grade are basically new phones that have been professionally refurbished by Kingfisher. Every phone you see on the Second Life Shop has an excellent grade.

All these devices look great and work perfectly. They have at least 80% battery health. You might spot some light marks on the screen or frame, beyond that, you'll be hard pressed to tell it's not new.

Here are some examples of what a blemish or scratch may look like:

Some blemishes and scratches on casing

Very faint blemishes and discolouration

Minor marks and scratches around camera

Very faint scratches and discolouration

Minor scratches and blemishes

Faint marks and scruffs around casing

Very minor scratches around camera

Our device review from a tech expert

See Tobias Venus’ review of our refurbished iPhone 12. Hosted and produced by Tobias Venus on behalf of Finder. Tobias is not a representative of Belong.


What's a refurbished phone?

A refurbished phone is a preowned phone that’s been repaired and/or restored to be as like-new as possible. All the phones on the Second Life Shop have been sourced and refurbished by Kingfisher. Kingfisher tests all the devices to make sure they’re 100% functional. They test the battery to make sure it’s operating at a minimum of 80% capacity.

Then they’re buffed and cleaned to a professional quality. The phone may have a nick, dent, or ding but, beyond that, everything is in working order.

What we cover in our 30+ point check

Kingfisher put each device through a 30+ point check, covering off everything from screen quality to button clickiness. They make sure the devices are 100% functional, look fantastic and have a minimum of 80% battery capacity. Here’s the full list of everything Kingfisher check, if you’re curious.

There’s a detailed functional assessment of:

  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-fi
  • Battery charging
  • Volume keys
  • The ‘screen lock’ key
  • The touchscreen
  • The GPS
  • Speaker
  • Receiver
  • Microphone
  • Rear camera
  • Camera flash
  • Front camera
  • Rear video camera
  • Front video camera
  • LCD screen colour
  • Vibration
  • Ambient light
  • Silent key
  • Recent/menu key
  • Back key
  • Home key
  • FaceID (and any other biometrics)
  • Near-field communication (NFC)

There’s also a detailed cosmetic inspection of:

  • The camera(s)
  • The casing
  • Back and side housing
  • The touchscreen
  • Any scratches, dents and chips
  • LCD bleeding in the screen
  • Discolouration anywhere on the phone
  • Any removable parts, e.g. S-Pen, SIM card trays











What kind of warranty and guarantee do you provide?

Your phone comes with a 12 month warranty, provided by Kingfisher.
Check out their warranty policy for all the info on what it covers and what it doesn’t.

If you have any problems with the device during the first 12-months, please contact us via the warranty form.


All orders within Australia will receive free express shipping!

All devices are shipped from our facility in Sydney, NSW within 1 business day.

Tracking information will be supplied via email.

Who do I contact if I need any help or support?

Send us a message and we’ll help you out.